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Romantic Suspense

Protecting His Forever is the first book in the Forever Series. The book tracks the topsy-turvy trek to love between Sydney and Kane. Does it lead to happily ever after is for readers to decide? This was my first read by this author and a most romantic one. Tragedy can always lead to a love affair and that happens here. After the tragedy that connects these two, Kane becomes Sydney’s hero and protector. But there’s more than just love at first to foster a true romance and for these two it’s not easy. Crossing into the mystery genre, Sydney’s past comes to accompany her on her new romantic journey. And in true protector form, Kane is right there for her. Again. While the story is a good one, some of the book's themes (attempted kidnapping, rape, child neglect, abuse, abandonment, and human trafficking) get muddy because there is a lot going on. It took a little away from this being a five-star read. But the book does end on a high note. If you love marine alpha-males and cute romances. This is a novel for you....

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