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First, I have to note that I am a book snob. Typical covers and typical themes outlined in a book’s synopsis aren’t usually attractive to me, but after reading so many reviews for this book, I had to give it a try. I mean, here you have an “urban/street” fiction book with the cover as a dead giveaway. Between the “Publisher Presents” tag, fast car, and the sultry couple—readers pretty much know what they’re in for. Mayhem, drama, suspense. Your Spouse My Sponsor was a nice and neat urban fiction. What struck me as authentic and maybe one of the best advertising warnings that I’ve seen with a book was on the book’s Amazon page was the heading: Loosely Based On True Events. What I liked about the book was that unlike most urban fiction it was free of many grammatical errors, but filled with sex, violence, betrayal, and drama. Kirby’s storyline bothered me in so many ways. No spoilers here, but to betray your mother for a man is simply unacceptable. I tried to like her, but that never happened. McKenzie needs a psychotherapist, and I didn’t like her much either. Readers can follow Castle’s nonsense and if his storyline is rooted in reality he is surely a loser. Another thing that I like was the authentic dialogue amongst the characters. I am not a fan of the non-speaking dialogue tags, but other than that it was real. The author throws in a couple unexpected storylines and the twists are interesting, they’re not irrelevant twists that are as unexpected as unnecessary. Again, I won’t do spoilers, but there’s a little meat to the plot. It’s not The Help deep by any means, but it’s not completely shoot ‘em up, bang bang either. Overall, a must-read if you like urban/street fiction....

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