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Paranormal Romance

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula By Marta Acosta

I've not read many vampire books, but this one piqued my interest and I stuck with it. Milagro (the herione) is a Hispanic young lady who loves to have fun. Unfortunately, a little promiscuous kiss infects her with a big bug that makes her sensitive to the sun, see better in the dark, and makes her crave the stuff that makes very very rare meat red.'s a vampire. What happens from them pages on is a good ole comedy that had my in stitches. Milagro was cool to watch her get on with her days as a working woman. Oswald was like Big Foot walking through Times Square. Ian was a bit out-of-control but ......

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Contemporary Romance

His Blushing Bride By Dani Collins

Piper Tierney is a coy lovely young lady that is in high school teacher of music in Marietta. She dream of her life flowing as beautifully as her favorite songs. But she is very unhappy and frustrated with her love life, or lack of one. She wants to be in a true love affair, because she's always been a good girl and they always finish first, right? And then, her parents send her a handsome and chiseled guest: Sebastian Bloom, natural born player. And all she can feel is lust at first sight for Mr. Bloom who is in the city for his sister's wedding. Hence, Piper has to act fast. Can this playboy find true love with......

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Monster Born By Kris Austen Radcliffe

It’s something interesting about science/fantasy fiction. It’s quite harder than most literary fiction to pull off, simply based on the absurd idea of building an imaginary place. Kris pulls this off smoothly in Monster Born. Of course, I have subjective ideas about the story, but I am not developmentally editing this book, I am reading it for enjoyment and I did just that. Monster Born has an interesting level of world building that I found impressive. It’s a big potluck of genres falling under the fantasy umbrella weaved together and it works. If I’d say this place was like anywhere in the world, I’d say it’......

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Queen of the City By Tamicka Higgins

It’s not often that teens find true love in high school, but that is exactly what rapper Lyric does with how boyfriend, Junie. He’s a man, made from heaven, for her as he backs her and encourages her career along in the rap game. Apparently, there is something to be taken from high school, although, I have some great high school friends. What’s striking is how in the blink of an eye you can lose it all, as Lyric loses Junie and she’s not prepared as while he was a great man and support system, he kept things from her. And if that wasn’t enough God snatched a very close family member from her. Just heart-wrenching......

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Your Spouse, My Sponsor By Pebbles Starr

First, I have to note that I am a book snob. Typical covers and typical themes outlined in a book’s synopsis aren’t usually attractive to me, but after reading so many reviews for this book, I had to give it a try. I mean, here you have an “urban/street” fiction book with the cover as a dead giveaway. Between the “Publisher Presents” tag, fast car, and the sultry couple—readers pretty much know what they’re in for. Mayhem, drama, suspense. Your Spouse My Sponsor was a nice and neat urban fiction. What struck me as authentic and maybe one of the best advertising warnings that I’ve seen with a book was ......

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Romantic Suspense

The Cop Who Stole Christmas By Christie Craig

While this is the second book in this series, it read like a standalone, something to be appreciated. The book had a slice of everything that makes a good book, well, great. Love with a touch of sex, mayhem, murder, wit, and, of course...who done It! The comedy lines were cute and funny like reading an old Lawrence Sanders number. And while the plot line was a simple, comedic one, it was worth its weight in Christmas balls. The story centers around, Savanna and Mark. Savanna’s life is a messy and complicated one. She finds her husband in bed with another woman, and her car is repossessed by an unsuspec......

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Romantic Suspense

Protecting His Forever By Leann Ashers

Protecting His Forever is the first book in the Forever Series. The book tracks the topsy-turvy trek to love between Sydney and Kane. Does it lead to happily ever after is for readers to decide? This was my first read by this author and a most romantic one. Tragedy can always lead to a love affair and that happens here. After the tragedy that connects these two, Kane becomes Sydney’s hero and protector. But there’s more than just love at first to foster a true romance and for these two it’s not easy. Crossing into the mystery genre, Sydney’s past comes to accompany her on her new romantic journey. ......

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Deadly Pursuit By Ann Christopher

A reader should be motivated to read Deadly Pursuit from the opening sentence, which doesn’t happen often, but author nailed the often demand that the opening line of a book should hook readers. Christopher expertly hooks readers immediately. Shortly, after the opening its undoubtedly clear that this book had everything that readers crave in a romantic suspense. Deadly Pursuit, an African American noir, crime thriller, is full of street-laced dialogue and opens with an interesting lawyer-client interview revolving around Kareem Gregory’s request to be released from jail. Where this story is going no on......

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