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Welcome to eBookstage, the place where you can find all the great deals from Amazon Kindle Store or any other retailer such as Barnes and Noble or even Apple. Our service is totally free for readers all over the world. All our deals are from bestselling authors and publishers that would like to expose their writing for a larger crowd. Once you register for free to our service and choose the categories according to your flavor. We will send the chosen categories on a daily basis, so if you choose Romantic Categories such as Paranormal Romance or Romantic Suspense, you will get free and bargain eBook Deals for each category directly to your email daily. You will then be able to purchase or to download for free the eBooks deal that suits your needs most by clicking on the relevant format. We don’t own the rights to sell those eBooks as we are only an ‘affiliates’ website, so we refer you directly to the vendor site. Once you click on Kobo button, you will be redirected to Kobo website to download the book from. Feel free to change your book categories at any time which you can do it very easily by editing your profile through your daily email at the bottom of the email and also from our main page in the footer. Please note that the deal prices might be changed from time to time due to the fact that all retailers provide their authors with the option to change their book price at any stage. We do not have control on that, so make sure that you double check the price before purchasing or download it. We have a variety of prices to our eBook Deals which range from free promo, 99 cents and ascend to $2.99. We do offer support for newly released eBooks although the price for those can be initially be higher. In order to continue offering a free service to our authors and readers community, and to be able to improve it on a daily basis, we need YOUR assistance.
Please share our site with your social friends; it will take only 1-5 minutes of your time. You can do it on FaceBooks, Twitter or just by sending an email to your friends, explaining them about our great deal and how they can benefit from our service and save time and money. We would like to hear your thoughts about our service, your honest feedback and suggestions on how we can improve it to better suit your needs. Just leave us a message at this address: and we’ll reply as soon as we can with a detailed response. Thank you so much for choosing eBookstage to be your eBook Deals Provider and we are sure that you’ll enjoy reading many eBooks going forward.

It is actually a streamline process, you will need to fill in a short form with the categories that you prefer then an activation email will be sent to you for validation. At the moment you click on the activation link, you will start getting on a daily basis eBooks and Audiobook deals that fit your preferences. The email contains a list of eBooks and Audiobook deals segregated to the categories that you chose, so if you like one of the books, just click on the relevant format button (Amazon, Nook, Kobo…) and we will redirect you for the downloading site. Have Fun Reading! left to do is to sign up and submit your eBooks to Get Started!