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Sprcial Agent Maximilian


This romantic suspense takes place in the steamy streets of New Orleans. With plenty of humor and suspense, Special Agent Maximilian is a winner. Nik and Max, twins who never knew the other existed, meet in a coffee shop. One brought up by each parent, they lived extremely different lives. Max is FBI; Nik is a LC in the navy seals, on leave at present due to PTSD. When Max is badly beaten, they are determined to find out what happened, and Max is hidden away to recuperate. Maya is FBI and Max's partner. She's not sure what to think about the disappearance of her partner. Their present case involves girls from different countries being brought into the country in containers and sold into prostitution. Nik becomes SA Maximilian, who is missing, believed to be dead. Maya knows Nik is not Max. After all, she's never been attracted to her partner like this before. With Nik and Maya working together to bring down the traffickers, and fighting their attraction at the same time, SA Maximilian is a treat to read, and Mimi Barbour portrays the gritty subject matter realistically with a deft hand. With twists, turns and misdirection abounding, this story is well-written, easy-to-read and sure to please.

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