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Kristy Clark

Though I graduated in business administration, my passion has always been for healthy living. Since my teen years I've lived that passion by practicing healthy eating and participating in fitness activities. I was born in 1968, but people are always telling me that I don't look like an "old lady!" I was married for 8 years to a U.S. Marine, and never had children. My small family includes my mom, dad, one older brother, and one nephew. I live my life to the fullest, value a great sense of humor, and love to travel and meet new people in different cultures. My passion for health, wellness, and fitness started early in my teen years. Learning that many of my family member suffered from a number of diseases- from diabetes to Alzheimer's- I vowed that I didn't want to end up plagued with some kind of malady in my old age. Starting at age 14 I began a sport-active lifestyle. In high school I took jazz dance lessons and Jiu-Jitsu classes, played basketball and volleyball (though those two didn't last long; I just never got the knack for them!). Since then I've never been diagnosed with any illness; it's hard for me to even get the flu! In my adult life I've taken Briken and Ashtanga yoga classes and passionately love yoga. Since 2005 I've been participating in running races, and have even earned some trophies. I run 10 kilometers three times a week, take Pilates classes, do weight lifting, and practice Beach Functional Training on soft sand. Have I mentioned that I love the outdoors? Being 46 years old now, I average between 55-60 minutes on my 10Km runs. Pretty good for an "old lady," huh? I've always read a lot about health, fitness, injuries and diseases, and I like to write about topics that are close to my heart. My family tree holds an abundance of medical issues. My dad and brother have always had high cholesterol and blood pressure. My grandpa contracted herpes and went blind shortly after his wedding. Both of my grandmas were obese, one deaf in both ears and the other with diabetes. All of my grandparents are dead now. One aunt died of bone cancer, while my mom and another aunt both suffer from Alzheimer's disease. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2005- at age 68- and today lives with two caregivers who care for her on alternating 24-hour shifts. Today she's like a 1-year-old child: she can't form a phrase, can't eat, bathe or walk by herself. My aunt was just diagnosed in 2014 and has a long and difficult road ahead. Experiencing the hardships of so many of my loved ones has made me focus my life on being healthy and staying healthy. That's why all of my books are related to health and wellness, with a special focus on anti-aging related topics.