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Whistlin' Dixie


Meet The Coalson Brothers - seven super hot alpha males with panty melting good looks and the sexual prowess to back up their reputations. Mac Coalson, eldest brother , owns the construction company the brothers work at. A nasty vandal is sabotaging their efforts to rebuild their hometown and Mac is determined to bring them to justice, HIS JUSTICE. Dixie Harris is the new kindergarten schoolteacher, a sexy, sassy, spitfire who goes toe to toe with Mac when he accuses her brother of the vandalism. The only thing hotter than their tempers is the passion that ignites between the two at the merest touch of hands, lips, bodies. But the vandal will not be denied his prey and he's set his sites on Mac, Dixie, and the whole Coalson clan. Can Mac find the culprit before someone is hurt? Or will the vandal succeed in turning their flaming passion to deadly ashes.

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