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P.C. Darkcliff

I have been writing fiction ever since I learned my letters, and my first attempt was a short story about a talking dog. After a brief flirtation with sci-fi and adventure, I discovered the world of fantasy and supernatural fiction—and there was no turning back. Apart from several short stories, I’ve published novels. In October 2020, I’m going to unleash my latest project, Celts and the Mad Goddess, which is already available for preorder. I have lived in six countries and on three different continents. Although ruinous to my bank account, the seminomadic lifestyle has been hugely inspirational, and many of my adventures have spilled into my stories. My wife and I have settled in southwestern Spain, where I go swimming and cycling whenever I’m not too busy writing. Join my VIP reader list to get his novels for free: https://mailchi.mp/c5550d315607/pcdarkcliff Find me everywhere on social media in one click: https://plu.us/p.c.darkcliff

A Poisoned Gift A Online Story By P.C. Darkcliff

Grandpa had always been a bastard, even after his death. Well, especially after his death. I’d heard rumors about Grandpa murdering his own brother with an ax. Mom once told me he’d regularly thrashed Grandma so thoroughly she’d had to spend a few days in bed. Fortunately, the combined powers of arthritis and Parkinson’s had nearly paralyzed him even before I was born. But that made him even more vicious. My first childhood memory was of Grandpa barking at Ma and Grandma as they helped him shuffle from his bedroom to the living room: “Not so fast, you rotting lepers! You think I’m a roadrunn... Click Here To Read More

The Wandering Corpse A Online Story By P.C. Darkcliff

I knew Auntie came to kill me the moment she entered my bedroom. I saw it in her eyes, which shone wildly like the eyes of a rabid animal. Auntie looked very scary in the moonlight that came through the curtains. She made faces as if she had bitten her tongue. The continuous clamping of her big, yellow teeth was horrible to hear. Her dress was unbuttoned up front, and I could see the red flesh of her breasts. She was often nervous, and she would wail and rock her upper body and scratch her skin with her long fingernails until they bled. Poor Mommy had told me that Auntie had been doing this e... Click Here To Read More

The Sleaze who didn't Freeze A Online Story By P.C. Darkcliff

The Sleaze who did not Freeze by P.C. Darkcliff “… my panties!” Although muffled by a wall or two, the scream was so shrill it hit me like a slap with a wet rag. I opened my eyes with a gasp, half expecting to see the morning light struggling through my bedroom curtains. Instead, I saw the open laptop grinning at me like crocodile’s jaws. The laptop was in a sleep mode. On impulse, I moved the mouse, and a half-finished article leaped onto the screen. I must have fallen asleep while I was typing it. And the screaming must have been just a soundtrack to a bizarre dream. The sports guy Andy ... Click Here To Read More