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Joyce Debacco

I am an introvert. Because I realized this about myself years ago, being alone doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve accepted who and what I am. I enjoy being alone; that’s why I became a writer. I enjoy creating characters in my head and giving them joy, heartache, and sorrow. As they discover things about themselves, I discover things about myself as well. After reading women’s fiction for many years, I knew I wanted to create stories of my own. As the mother of four grown daughters, I'm familiar with the problems women face finding love, raising children, and stepping back when necessary. That's why all of my books place an emphasis on love and family dynamics. I'm happiest when I'm by myself in my office creating new worlds and people to populate them. When I'm not taxing my brain with plot, structure, and grammar, I like to sew, particularly quilts. When I really want to rest my brain, I sprawl out in front of the TV and try to concentrate on the show before me instead of the one in my head.