Edita A. Petrick

I hate to write short stories but I can write them. I have no problem developing and writing a 400 page novel, but ask me to write a 50 or 100 word summary of any of my works and I head for the medicine cabinet. I've never been able to produce any summary of any of my works and have to rely on friends and other fellow writers to provide the necessary push and inspiration -- and most often the first few sentences to get me going. I've been known to go to the sentence-generators to produce a sentence I can use. It's sheer torture just to think that when I finish any given story, I will have to write its summary. It's as if once the story's down on paper (or screen as the case has been now for decades), it does not want to be compressed into a single paragraph. There are just too many words that matter in the story to choose a few and call them 'key' ideas.