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Hal Adkins

Hal Adkins is a professional photographer from the small town of La Moille, Illinois, who has been interested in writing for a long, long time. And in retrospect, should have paid more attention in English class as that knowledge is helpful if one desires to spend time and effort putting words together in a logical and entertaining fashion. This, along with his final chance to pass high school typing class by achieving the required 25 words a minute, he managed 26, which did not bode well for a productive writing career. Nevertheless, he pecked away at a manual typewriter and early word processors on various projects, including books and articles about ultralight aircraft 40 years ago, along with being a contributing editor and photographer to aircraft publications. Though often not a fan of modern technology, some of that tech made it more viable in expanding into other writing venues, starting with the humor book Hal Adkins Ain’t Normal from 2011. In the spring of 2012, he began writing his first novel, with a word count currently at over seventy thousand. He still considers it a work in progress, without much progress. While waiting for further inspiration on that project, another novel, one with a concept and storyline that had been floating around in his supple mind for some years, came to life in January 2018. A Week and a Day was published four-plus years later and likely would never have been completed at all except for the writing aids technology has provided, making creative writing more efficient and less stressful. A prolific writer of fiction, he is not, and prefers, the term, "methodical." Over the decades, he has engaged in several interesting and memorable endeavors: rode motorcycles, flew airplanes, went scuba diving without actually knowing how to swim, parachuted out of a perfectly good airplane, and spent a great deal of time racing cars. Primarily, he has been a professional photographer for over 50 years, with writing always being a keen aspiration when inspiration struck and time allowed between taking pretty pictures of strangers for money. Hal has been very gratified and encouraged by the positive and complimentary reviews and comments received about the unique story A Week and a Day tells, and hopes to pick up the writing pace in the future as he loves to tell stories and make stuff up. The concept and storyline behind A Week and a Day developed from two “I wonder what would happen if?” scenarios he’d been contemplating, along with an actual event that puzzles him yet today.