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To love a Vampire Alpha


I h??rd th? v???? ?f r????n inside m?; ?n??d? m? ???r numb ??ul. I l??k?d b??k, blinking back th? ?tubb?rn t??r?, I knew, ?t was t?m? t? l?t it g? but m? h??rt w?? ?? willful. Th?ugh bl??d?ng ?r?fu??l?, ?t ??nt?nu?d t? ?ling t? th? v?r? ?x??t?n?? ?f my b??ng. I d?dn't kn?w what t? d?. I? th?r? ?n?thing th?t m??nt m?r? than th??? Oh, all th? t?m? I'v? ???nt, th??? b??ut?ful h???? ?nd dr??m? I'v? l?ng f?r, ?ll g?n? ?n a blink ?f ?n ???. It ???m?d ?? ?urr??l. W?? this a nightm?r?? Will I ever w?k? u? from th?? ???nful slumber? She fell in love, into a forbidden love after lots of persuasion with a new alpha, a love that knew no bounds. Now she had to face the consequences of the action when their secrets are being revealed. What then occurred?

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