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The Heretic


Monsters prey on the innocent. He preys on the monsters. As commander of the Echo Team, the Templar's most battle-hardened combat unit, Cade Williams spends his days working in the shadows, protecting mankind from supernatural threats and enemies. The public is unaware of the Order's existence, never mind the nature of the enemy they face and that's fine with Cade, for if it became common knowledge that monsters exist, chaos would result. But now the Order's mission and secrecy are threatened when unknown forces attack Templar commanderies in the dead of night, leaving destruction in their wake. Cade and his team are ordered to put an end to the attacks before the battle spills into the open, destroying the hard-won balance between the darkness and the light. By the time he gets to the bottom of it all, Cade will be neck deep in revenants, demons, and death magick. But the true nature of the forces arrayed against him will only be revealed when he comes face to face with an enemy from his own past, the creature known only as the Adversary.

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