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The Dark Messenger


A vindictive time traveler is torn up by Adina’s untimely passing and is hell bent on making those responsible, pay for her death. He adapts his mind, allowing evil thoughts to swarm their way through with devastating results. Now with anger deeply metastasizing into a furious rage, he sets werewolves against the perpetrators, only the results fail to placate his bitter feelings as still the slimy vampire leader Rex, manages to escape a vicious death. Unaware ignominious punishments are searching out his existence, Rex guided by greed alone, busies himself with his own agendas involving a silver sword myth and retribution against a vampire enemy in Scotland. Meanwhile Jenny from a place called Devil’s Dyke in the UK , and the illegitimate daughter of a priest, finds herself dragged unwillingly into this evil story. Only by divinity, an ether of holiness, her almost doomed path of pain finds sanctity with the unexpected. All the while bitter harbored feelings in house, like a disease of great magnitude, threaten The White Coven and its existence. With rivalry climbing up through the ranks, and Satan’s wrath looming, Longinus finds himself almost sucked into the misty swamp by a plethora of undead hands. Desperately seeking peace, but dragged along in The Dark Messengers shadow, Longinus who is looking for a brighter future free from the bureaucracy of evil, hopes his unlikely escape will narrowly miss the deathly rays of the murderously oppressive sun. This book is rammed full of deep twists, torturous gore, love, and deceit. Dare you immerse yourself?

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