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The Brittle Sea


The Brittle Sea opens with the Titanic disaster, the catalyst that sparks a deadly family feud in early 20th century America. Magda Asparov travels to America to marry Matthew Turner, a shrewd and unscrupulous American businessman. But Magda's journey to America is cut-short when the ship she is travelling on, the Titanic, hits an iceberg and sinks. Magda survives and is rescued but has lost her memory. A new personality, Maggie, takes hold and her rescuer, Richard Blackmore, captain of her rescue ship, falls in love with Maggie on the journey to New York. On arrival in New York, Blackmore offers Maggie a place to stay until her memory returns. Turner, meanwhile, doesn't believe Magda has perished and sets his evil henchman, William Harker on a search for Magda among the Titanic survivors. Harker aims to succeed by any means, and his search for Magda leaves Richard Blackmore as collateral damage.

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