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Stock Market Investing For Teens Made Easy


Do you want to earn passive income from the stock market without any prior knowledge of investing, even as a teenager? “Passive investors saw a compound annual rate of return of more than 13% over the past decade” - Investing has not only become my favorite pastime, but it has also changed my life in more ways than I could mention. Growing up, I wasn’t born into a rich household. My family and I had to work extremely hard for everything we had in life. For the longest time, I assumed that you are either born rich or poor, and there is no way to change your situation. Thankfully during one of my trips to the local library, I stumbled across a business and investing book that gave me the confidence that anyone, no matter their background, can change their current financial situation. Since the age of 15, I have been investing and consistently researching and studying the topic. After a decade-long journey, I find myself in a situation I could only dream of as a young boy. I now have the opportunity to run a publishing company called The Young Investor and try to help the next generation of teenagers achieve the financial success that investing has given me. You might believe that investing is a game for rich adults, but you would be wrong. Anyone from any part of the world can begin investing today with any small amount of money. Of course, you won’t become rich overnight, but with consistency and the secrets contained within this book, you will find you have the power to change your life in unimaginable ways. In Miracle on Wall Street, you will discover: The secret power we all have at our disposal to become successful The tricks that millionaires use to manage their money How to go from zero to hero with the right investment strategy How to construct a portfolio that will average a 10% annual return Why passive investing is the ultimate cheat code for any teen investor The assets that will increase your wealth without requiring hours of research How to retire early from your standard 9-5 job and do more of the things you love

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