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Pregnancy Risk Mega Pack


Nothing feels quite as good as giving in to desire and taking a new lover entirely bare! In this sizzling collection, you'll find six of my sinful stories featuring unprotected lust between risk-taking lovers. Within A Little Trouble With The Law a baby-crazy housewife denied by her man soon realizes that her dreams of a family might come true in the arms of his hunky co-workers as she takes the both of them bare in hopes of having her dreams come true! Caught in the Woods After Dark! introduces us to a shy, red-hooded beauty who attempts to sneak through a dangerous forest that her grandmother had warned her about. Lost and chased by wolves, she is astonished as they transform into men in front of her eyes and demand a toll. She's all out of money but is more than happy to work out alternate arrangements with the gorgeous, muscly men. Friday Night Fun introduces us to Jess, a girl-next-door sweetie with a dark secret who will do anything to fulfill her dreams of being a hot young mommy. In Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust we meet Braena Wyvernwood, a cocky half-elven adventuress hoping to strike it rich raiding an evil temple, that is until she runs afoul of its agonizingly handsome guardian! You'll also find the Dirty Diary of Leanne, the first-person perspective of a reluctant girl who is stunned one night when her husband asks her to start sleeping with other men! In Be Careful What You Wish For an arrogant young wizard is just about to bed an exotic, curvy beauty when a sexual enhancement spell goes wrong and summons a well-hung demon. Insult to injury, his slutty new lover takes to the tempting, perfect beast and forces the cuckolded man to watch as she takes him bare.

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