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How to Hack Your Mind


Drive Your Mind Toward Success and Self-Healing At some point in our lives, all of us face unhappiness, a joyless job, an unsatisfying relationship, or poor health. Yet, how is it that some of us seem to move easily beyond these obstacles, while others feel stuck in an unwanted situation? How to Hack Your Mind, a personal wellness guide from Ebrahim Al Khajeh, PhD, offers a simple answer: operating on autopilot mode may be keeping you from achieving success and happiness. In this straightforward book, Al Khajeh sheds light on how you can train your brain to leave behind poor habits and introduce healthy ones. He makes the science simple to understand and the exercises easy to follow. How to Hack Your Mind teaches you how to be in the present moment, embrace positive energy, and believe rather than doubt, so you can empower yourself to self-heal, reach your goals, and make lasting change.

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