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Genghis Monster


Among self-hating western academics, the revisionist rehabilitation of the arch-villain we like to refer to as Genghis Monster (1162-1227) has, in recent years, taken on truly grotesque dimensions. Although the conquering Khan Klan’s expansionary method of mass murder and mass terror cannot and is not denied (just downplayed) by these collegiate crackpots -- modern students and gullible “intellectuals” are today instructed to ignore the oceans of spilled blood and shed tears; and focus mainly on the “progress” and “liberalism” which the monstrous Mongols brought to their subjugated lands. The purpose of this illustrated booklet is not to provide a comprehensive historical account of the monster and his exploits; but rather a general overview / introduction to the subject. By refuting the pseudo-intellectual sewage now being pumped out by today’s Genghis-loving, western-hating academics, this booklet will restore, in a basic sense, the proper historical view of this tyrannical beast. Though Khan has been dead for nearly 800 years, the murderous mayhem which the Mongols unleashed upon helpless humanity -- in many cases, our white European and Central Asian Aryan ancestors -- was so atrocious that it, for both the sake of sound scholarship as well as historical decency, must never be forgotten, let alone misrepresented.

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