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Fit For A King


Duty or love? Lady Jeustene Darkholme went to war to fight, not fall in love. Alix, the young king of Ralan is struck by the fierceness of the noblewoman, and her beauty. Once the fighting is over, the war begins. Alix and Jeustene’s passion is sparked, but once the powerful Duke Blackwood discovers their affair, the nobleman seeks to destroy their bond and place his own daughter, Gwendolyn, in Alix’s bed and by his side as his queen. The world Jeustene and Alix build for themselves is forever changed by one night of betrayal. But how long can twin souls be kept apart? Jeustene Darkholme is not a woman who will allow her life to be determined by another, and she returns to the windswept cliffs of her home, Shadowlawn, to become a ruler in her own right. The fiery-haired Lady is never far from Alix’s mind. The memory of her love haunts him. Determined to be reunited with his true love, the king makes a fateful decision that will leave no one unscarred. A fast-paced and action packed, Fit For A King, is a medieval romance for those willing to look beyond happily ever after. Jeustene Darkholme provides the reader with a sword-wielding, tough heroine who isn’t waiting around for a hero. She’s a woman who forges her own path in life, who asks the hard questions of both herself and the reader. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or 80s sword and sorcery movies, then this romance is for you. Over 75,000 words of heart racing adventure and romance! Buy your copy today!

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