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Sarah Brown didn't get to launch out into the world after high school. Instead, she found herself burdened with the responsibility of caring for her terminally ill mother after her father left to live with his mistress. Stuck working in the town library by day, and keeping a watchful eye on her strict and bitter mother all night, she found escape only inside the pages of romance books. When her mother finally passes, she sets out on an adventure to explore her own pent-up desires, but the education she seeks is about to lead her straight into danger. In Barcelona, Anthony satisfies her body and steals her heart, a prize he admits he isn't interested in claiming. In Berlin, Paul finds redemption in Sarah from his own tortured past, but that past won't let him go, and it targets Sarah as it seeks revenge against him. In this eastern European city, a predator stalks her and her new friends ruthlessly. Will Sarah survive or will slaking her desires be the death of her?

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