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Conquering Comparisons for Better Mental Health


Are you convinced that others are better than you and feel useless as a result? Perhaps you find it difficult to enjoy the success of friends and family or are intensely jealous of other people? Maybe you avoid activities for fear of not being the best or try too hard to make an impression? Such thoughts, feelings and actions, which are more common than ever given the extraordinary growth of social media, have destructive comparisons at their root. The solution is NOT to stop comparing, which is all but impossible, but to learn to use comparisons more constructively. Applying tried and tested Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, this short book will show you how. The book looks at ways comparisons damage our mental health by generating sibling rivalry, 'mid-life crises' and other forms of unhealthy competition. It also explores the latest research into the effects of social media on our psychological well-being. It sets out what we should be aiming to achieve through our comparisons and exactly how we can obtain these goals by adjusting our thoughts and deeds. Useful tips to make habits of our new thoughts, deal better with failure, practise 'acceptance' and underpin our self-worth are all discussed as well.

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