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Romantic Suspense

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The Second Chance


The Second Chance is a suspenseful tale of kidnapping, corporate espionage, and forgotten love that takes the listener from the red dirt roads of Alabama to the silver mines of Mexico. A deadly mine cave-in at Real de Catorce, Mexico, changes Patricia Morelos' life forever. The disaster she faces as owner of the mine is overshadowed by personal tragedy. Her only child, 17-year-old Max, is kidnapped when he goes to help the victims. Desperate to reach her son, who is somewhere in the San Luiz Potosi Mountains, Patricia turns to her late husband's stepbrother, Miguel Ramirez, whom she once loved but now fears and distrusts. With Miguel, Patricia sets out on her journey of discovery, danger, and confession. Pursued, shot at, conspired against, and abetted by her blind friend and a lost love, Patricia confronts the secrets of her past along her treacherous journey and finds not one miracle but two.

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