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Romantic Suspense

While this is the second book in this series, it read like a standalone, something to be appreciated. The book had a slice of everything that makes a good book, well, great. Love with a touch of sex, mayhem, murder, wit, and, of course...who done It! The comedy lines were cute and funny like reading an old Lawrence Sanders number. And while the plot line was a simple, comedic one, it was worth its weight in Christmas balls. The story centers around, Savanna and Mark. Savanna’s life is a messy and complicated one. She finds her husband in bed with another woman, and her car is repossessed by an unsuspecting character: Santa. It’s hilarious. But she can get over the car. Now Mark, though, she wants him dead with a little bow left decorating his phallus. So much so that she announces it in a room full of people. And Santa delivers her the perfect gift: her ex on her kitchen floor dead, ribbon exactly where she asked it to be placed. Although this is a novella, the author has a command of the plot, and there could have been more romance. But, alas, there lies the downside to a novella. In the end, the story is lighthearted and full of spirit, and an excellent display of holiday romance....

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