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A reader should be motivated to read Deadly Pursuit from the opening sentence, which doesn’t happen often, but author nailed the often demand that the opening line of a book should hook readers. Christopher expertly hooks readers immediately. Shortly, after the opening its undoubtedly clear that this book had everything that readers crave in a romantic suspense. Deadly Pursuit, an African American noir, crime thriller, is full of street-laced dialogue and opens with an interesting lawyer-client interview revolving around Kareem Gregory’s request to be released from jail. Where this story is going no one knows, but anytime criminal defense attorneys are involved it cannot be good. An assault outside of a diner is witnessed by the most appropriate person, defense attorney, Amara Clarke. She is rescued by a federal agent posing as a cook in the diner. He’s there in an undercover capacity to take down some bad guys, but he’s oblivious to the bull’s eye on his back because a man that he put away is back and ready to play. This was a nicely plotted crime thriller with an interesting group of love-to- hate characters and a mix of intrigue, violence, drama, and betrayal. The story pace is good and moves gradually like an escalator from one scene to the next. Highly recommend this book for a reader that likes all of that drama....

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