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My name is Paige Clendenin! I am 33years old. My best friend David and I have been married for nearly 13years. He is my rock! We have 4 amazingly awesome daughters named Jazmine, Brooklyn, Missy, and Lexi. I am a fun-loving girl with my primary focus being on family and friends, who are my everything. I love, and I mean love to read, watch movies, listen to music, and gather all the information I can get my hands on about musicians, authors, actors, books, movies, and everything in between. LOVE, is an understatement! My friends and family call it obsession, I on the other hand call it passion! I look forward to what the future holds and hope my passion will help others find their own desires being fulfilled through a great read, the next best action, romance, comedy, sad, sci-fi flick, or perfectly composed, goose bump raising foot tapping, lyric filled, song the world has waiting for us! In the long run, I'm just a dork, passionate about things that cause minds to be stimulated, imaginations run wild, and dreams to come true. Even if it's just for a little while. I will forever be the girl who is funky and eclectic in the way that I dress, fell, exude emotions, and in the way my mind works. God is my all and all, and none of this, not one moment of this crazy, mixed up, insane, perfect, loving, astronomically amazing life, would be a thing without him and his unyielding love for us all.