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Hi my name is Crystal Tracy, At age 29, my life appeared to be perfect. I was married to a good man, had two beautiful children, and involved in my local church and public community. To the outsider looking in- my life was perfect. I worked each day to prove to those around me that I was a good person! But I hid a secret! A secret knew would destroy every belief system I had developed about who I was. Behind closed doors, I fought depression, and anxiety that sometimes left me in bed. Each day I would struggle accepting myself, but outwardly worked daily to prove to all those around me that I was okay. Some people I confided in told me I needed to have more faith or pray harder. Often, I wouldn't mention my inner battle, due to my fear of judgment and rejection - I was hiding! In June 2010 - I decided my life wasn't worth living anymore! I believed my husband and children would have been better if I wasn't in their life. I believed my husband deserved a wife who could love him completely, and my children deserved a mother who was attentive and didn't struggle with the illusion of being something she wasn't.