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Wes Henson

If you like westerns, historical fiction and action packed adventures, look no further! This thirteen-story collection, featuring work by national and international bestselling and award-winning authors, offers the best in western fiction. Take a journey into the Old West, from its civilized order to lawless frontier. From the big skies of Montana to perilous rides with the Texas Rangers, you won't want to put this collection down. From traditional historical westerns to those with a paranormal twist, Native American stories to contemporary romantic suspense, bone-chilling horror to tales of fantasy, this collection has something for all western lovers. >>>So saddle up and get ready for thirteen unforgettable rides! Wes Henson is the author of Man Killer, Jake Marlow, Forbidden Love in a Hostile Land and Invasion. Wes served in the Air National Guard and Navy Reserve. He also taught martial arts for years. He retired from Mars Petcare in 2015 after working for Mars for 35 years. He lives with his wife Nancy, in Pickerington Ohio.