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Virginia Arthur

Birdbrain is based on the real life experiences of the author who was bird-watching among the backhoes and bulldozers of her new suburban neighborhood by the time she was ten. This was America before there was much of an environmental consciousness. Virginia was an "environmentalist" before the word even existed. With parents that never had the chance to go to college, she pressed on with her passion, finishing two degrees in science followed up by a long career as a field biologist in which she has had some wild and wacky experiences 'in the field', a few incorporated into her novel Birdbrain. As a lover and defender of "the environment", she is all too aware that loving the land of your country comes with a price, that being the pain of watching it get nibbled away but now the threat is global. Is it too late? Maybe not if we all do even a small part. Her hope is maybe this crazy yet passionate story will inspire her readers, even just a little bit.