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Ute Jackle is not a pseudonym, but a name which, despite its brevity, is so difficult to pronounce that it would be folly to waste any further contemplation on it. That said, however, you should definitely keep this name in mind, most importantly with the first three letters in the right order for easier searching, because there will be more contributions to the reading world from this author’s pen that you won’t want to miss. Ute Jackle, who comes from a country where people enjoy drowning French fries in mayonnaise. You should try it, doesn't taste that bad at all. If someone put a gun to Ute Jackle’s head and forced her to admit how much of herself she has written into her characters, she’d probably have to confess that she is as chaotic and crazy as they are. Only that she often adds an extra portion of drama and, unfortunately, opens her mouth way before she starts to think. Ute Jackle wasn't always an author, but once a serious businesswoman, which didn't always go so well due to the above-mentioned traits. If, by now, you have read up to this point and feel that you know way more about the author than you actually wanted to, Ute apologizes in all forms. It is recommended that you read Ute Jackle's books purely for the sake of pleasure, and for goodness’ sake: Don't take this woman too seriously.