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Tom Reissmann

Tom Reissmann grew up under socialism in East Germany. After the fall of the Wall, he ventured out into the world, a journey that led him to live in seven different countries. He attended University in Britain and Australia and became a travel videographer, ensuring his global adventures continue. Having witnessed the peaceful transition from a rigid, self-protective system in East Germany, he remains optimistic about the future of the world and its ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and technology. Often dismayed by dystopian visions of the future depicted in many books and movies, Thomas felt compelled to write a more optimistic science fiction novel offering a brighter outlook, while also discussing the obvious dangers of artificial intelligence and the current drift into authoritarianism, alternate realities, and surveillance capitalism. Tom is a writer for International Living and the creator of an award-winning documentary (The Grizzly Truth) that helped to end the grizzly-bear-hunt in British Columbia, Canada. His fiction is informed by science, history, and philosophy. Tom has worked with several science advisors and editors to produce The Reality Games. Books such as Sapiens, The Grand Design, Homo Deus, The Three-Body Problem, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and Our Final Invention have inspired the narrative of The Reality Games, along with TV Series like Black Mirror, Devs, and Westworld.