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Suzanne J Catalano

Suzanne (D’Ambrogi) Catalano has been a story teller since she was a child mostly writing about her dogs and horses, family, and cars. Following the advice of her High School English teacher, Suzanne began writing novels, and became a published author in 1999 with a contribution of short stories in an Anthology, Along the Way: our unique relationship with horses. Suzanne has traveled across the country with her dog, Winnie, learning, practicing and competing in the K9 Performance Sport; Nose Work. In a short time, Suzanne and Winnie have earned many competitive titles and are currently trialing at the Elite and Detective levels. Suzanne’s stories are now filled with insight and inspiration as she shares what she has learned doing Nose Work. In her book, K9 Scent Work: A Little Dog’s Adventures in a Big Dog’s World, Suzanne demonstrates the remarkably deep connection she now has with her dog and is passing on her philosophy with examples of doing Nose Work Winnie’s way. Suzanne (D’Ambrogi) Catalano, a Sonoma County, CA native where she lived her whole life, has recently picked up and moved to the Sonoran desert in Tucson, AZ. “I have been a Redwood Tree all my life. It’s time to be a Saguaro.”—S.Catalano