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Patrick D. Carlson

Hello! I'm Patrick (most people call me Pat). I am a Minnesota native, currently living in the Twin Cities. I have a wife and three young boys. I currently work full-time as a home health care physical therapist in the Twin Cities. I hold a doctorate degree from Sacred Heart University, which is in Fairfield, CT. I enjoy reading---mostly non-fiction, which I do find to be ironic, considering that I enjoy writing fiction. I like to spend time with my family, especially outdoors, and also look forward to enhancing my cooking skills. I am by no means a gourmet chef, but I can hold my own in a domestic setting. I hope you enjoy my writing and appreciate some of the ideological and historical nuggets left for you to find within the plotline. If I am worthy of your praise, it is greatly appreciated, especially in the form of online reviews to help reach a greater number of readers. I am writing two additional works, including the sequel to "The Winged Lion: Marion's Match", which I have tentatively titled "The Winged Lion: Embers of LIberty". The other work I am slowly putting together is currently titled "Zinder's Edge" and it is a more traditional science fiction novel, with secretive U.S. government agencies and an alien incursion in Wyoming.