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Murray Bailey

I'm the author of the Ash Carter series set in the early 50's. It was inspired by my father who was a military policeman in Singapore for a few years during this period. After six Singapore-based novels, I've now begun a series of prequels set in what was called the Near East. Cyprus Kiss is the first, followed closely by The Killing Crew which takes place shortly after the new state was formed. I've had a varied career which has provided work internationally. I also got to edit a magazine for a year and edit a handful of technical books. I've also had in interest in ancient Egypt and was lucky enough to visit modern Egypt twice researching novels. This resulted in my best seller, Map of the Dead as well as other stories set around the time of Tutankhamen. Born in Greater Manchester, England, I gradually moved south until I reached the beautiful Dorset coast where I now live with my wife and family. Having young children and an all-consuming passion such as writing doesn’t leave much free time, but when I do take a break I enjoy running and cycling, kayaking along the gorgeous River Stour and building sandcastles with my children.