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Louise Worthington

Louise Worthington’s writing is a blend of literary fiction and dark psychological fiction. Inspired by nature and gothic literature, her stories explore the darker side of the human heart. She has a degree in literature, a masters in business and a postgraduate diploma in psychology. Kirkus Review described her debut novel Distorted Days as ‘a formidable work which defies narrative orthodoxy.’ While a tale of friendship and transformation, it also explores the struggles of depression and distorted thinking. Rachel’s Garden, The Entrepreneur and Dr Glass are psychological thrillers. Willow Weeps, ghost suspense, is the first novel in the Haunted Sisters Series, and Rosie Shadow, ghost horror, is the first novel in the Black Tongue Series. Visited by Dreamscape is a collection of gothic-inspired short stories with contemporary themes. Her flash fiction, poetry and short stories have been widely published in literary magazines in the UK and US, brought together with new stories in the collection Stained Glass Lives. Louise lives in Shropshire in the UK with her family. She is passionate about the protection of nature and animals and is fortunate to live close to a wood where she finds inspiration for her writing. Sign up for her newsletter here: Louise's novels: Rachel's Garden* The Entrepreneur* Willow Weeps*, Haunted Sisters Series Rosie Shadow, The Black Tongue Series Dr Glass, Glass Minds Series Distorted Days* Short Stories: Stained Glass Lives* Lily Lessing Visited by Dreamscape - coming in September 2021 Available from Amazon as an eBook, paperback and where marked with a *, audiobook.