Lee Brainard

I am somewhat of a self-taught scholar with a wide breadth of knowledge in the fields covered in both my non-fiction and my fiction writing---Bible prophecy, historic catastrophism, electric universe cosmology, and the original languages of the Bible (Greek and Hebrew). I grew up in Montana, spending much of my youth in activities like fishing, hunting, camping, backpacking, gardening, and --- surprise --- reading. I became a born-again Christian my senior year in high school. After graduation from high school in 1979, I spent a stint in the Army as an Airborne Ranger. Then I went to college for two years, focusing on languages and linguistics. My wife Nita and I were married in 1985. Over the years we lived in North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho, back to Wisconsin, Massachussetts, back to Wisconsin, and Washington. Our last move in 2011 brought us to Harvey, North Dakota where we own a fixer-upper (slowly being remodeled) and attend Harvey Gospel Chapel. We have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Over the years my work experience has been quite varied: factory work, construction, lumber yard, saw mill, transloading, truck driving, car sales, insurance sales, day trading, Jiffy Lube, propane truck, fifty jobs that weren't mentioned, and now a paper route. But Bible teaching and writing have always been my true passion. I just maintain a job to pay the expenses. My hobbies are simple: I love backpacking, mountain climbing, fly fishing, campfires, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, coffee, dark chocolate, friends, and good conversation.