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Kiwi Houston

K. Houston is the name… and I’m sure by now you’ve probably guessed that I was born & raised in Houston TX. Growing up in Texas, specifically Houston was pretty much an old country Christian way of living for me and my family. Raised under a strict roof in my father’s house as a Pastor’s Daughter unable to freely express my sexuality to now being able to live-in and nurture my sensual side has been a journey. But I come to express all the hot, sexy, mouthwatering, finger exploring thrills and fantasies that’s been bottled up deep inside for 34 years. With my books you will be immediately sucked inside with the juicy erotic scenes and the hott characters. My superpower in writing is that, I can paint a picture so good, you’d think you were actually in it! So come to the wild side if you dare, but keep your partner close!