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Kam Karem

ABOUT TK READ: TK works by day as a lawyer and helps people navigate the tricky pathways of our legal system. She has three children, two cats, and one husband. In her spare time she runs, hikes, and reads--a lot. She writes The Guardian Chronicles series under the pen "Kam Karem" in honor of her mother, Virginia Camilla Karem-Brown and her great-grandmother, Kamila Karem. She's a member of Southern Breeze Section of the Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators, where she has served as Critique Group Coordinator for nearly a decade. On an ideal day, she drinks coffee as she reads and writes before work, helps people solve their legal problems until dinner, spends the early evening with the family, and then drinks wine and reads and writes before bed. Heaven! TK's mother's family, the Karems, immigrated to the United States from Becharre, Lebanon in the early 1900s. In Becharre, they, and the town's other inhabitants, served as "Keepers of the Cedars of God" for generations. This famous grove was part of the tremendous forests that used to cover most of Lebanon. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh seeks fame and glory by cutting down the cedar forest. This ancient tension between protectors of the environment and developers made the perfect foil for Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantom. Ranger Nader & The Sunstruck Phantoms BOOK BLURB: Ranger thinks he’s an ordinary 9th grader. Then he inherits a magic axe, learns he’s the new Guardian of the Forest, and, even more of a stunner, a demigod in training. Eons ago, another demigod, Gilgamesh--yes, THE Gilgamesh from The Epic of Gilgamesh--used the axe to clear the Forest, causing a Great Flood. Now, the evil king has returned to finish what he started. With the help of his sister, his cousins, and the axe of course, Ranger has to stop him. REVIEWS: 'If Harry Potter were a Lebanese-American teen in the future, descended from Ancient Phoenicians, the plot for “Ranger Nader” would be the perfect blend of these stories.' BookLifePrize; 'Five Stars! A superbly plotted magical adventure, stylishly and flamboyantly written.’ The Wishing Shelf AWARDS: In 2019-2020, Ranger Nader was Long-Listed by The Green Earth Book Awards AND was a Finalist in NIEA,IAN and Wishing Shelf Book Awards.