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John Ignatius Rigoli’s experiences as both a cradle Catholic and former US Naval officer informed his world view in a rather unexpected manner, opening his eyes to the proposition that those who seek power are the last people who should hold it. John is an unabashed social justice advocate, outspoken liberal, and a patriot – and he sees no dichotomy in this. As a talented and inquisitive amateur historian, John became interested in the stories of the earliest women in the Church. Diane Cummings is a California girl, a UCLA alum, and is currently sweating in Atlanta, Georgia, with the world’s smallest Persian cat. Diane has worked as a radio reporter and a TV news director. Deciding that truth was too much stranger than fiction, she turned in her microphone and press pass and set about applying her passion for writing and editing to the world of literature. Diane has edited or ghostwritten more than 50 titles – and now she wants her name on the cover. The Vatican Chronicles Trilogy has encompassed six years of research and writing, and she hopes you enjoy Book 1 – The Mystery of Julia Episcopa as much as she has enjoyed writing it.