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Jessica Ainsworth

Veteran, author, marketing professional, and founder of Pendragon Consulting LLC, Jessica Ainsworth demonstrates her expansive experience, unbridled passion for research, and marketing aptitude as she strategically helps businesses capitalize on untapped target markets. Jessica is a digital marketing professional who possesses a comprehensive background in research, analytics, and intelligence that allows her to partner with small businesses and non- profits to help grow their brands. In recent years, Jessica made her entrepreneurial debut in the form of Pendragon Consulting, LLC, a digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses maximize their audience reach. Her marketing acumen and appreciation for research and analytics are evident in the specifically targeted campaigns and branding strategies she designs for each client. Under her guidance, many businesses have successfully expanded their audiences, boosting conversion rates, and maximizing ROI and lead generation. A veteran and former intelligence analyst, Jessica dedicated a decade of honorable service to the United States Army. She spent three of the 10 years of her U.S. Army career deployed to an active combat zone, which was transformative as it forged strong communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. She also spent two years working as a government contractor as an intelligence agent, which further sharpened her acute sensibilities as a marketer. Having developed competency in research and analytics, the subsequent progression into the marketing field was natural. Hence, following her honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Jessica went back to school to earn her degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing. The career transition to becoming a marketing professional was swift, allowing her to master modern elements of digital marketing. Recent publications, including The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to create effective ads, generate leads and increase your ROI and The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing: How To Drive Traffic, Provide Value and Increase Revenue capture her credibility as a marketing expert. These books are compilations of practical tips and guidance obtained from the first-hand experience, illustrating how businesses can sustain their competitiveness. Emphasizing the importance of philanthropy, Jessica also serves as a board member for a non- profit organization called 22 March for Life, Inc., which works for suicide prevention among veterans. Being a veteran herself, this role holds immense value. Jessica resides in Maryland with her husband and children. You can find her spending time with her family over paint nights, hiking up a challenging trail, or deeply engaged in a comic book.