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Jamie Schulz

I love the written word! I read (and write!) every day. When I read, I sometimes get so lost in a story I will read all afternoon or late into the night. I've even fallen asleep only to be awoken again by the book falling onto my face. Bonk! Often, I come back to reality and realize I still have things to do (like work or sleep), but I don't always get enough of either because I want to keep reading. That's what I strive to accomplish for my readers... A great, I-can't-put-this-book-down story! I've always wanted to win awards for my writing. My first book, Jake's Redemption, won the Bronze in the Global E-Book Awards when it was released in 2019. Since then I've written several more books in that series and started a new one, the Montana Men series. Book 1 of this series, Broken Cowboy, was a RONE Award Finalist and book 2 will be out very soon.