Jb Trepagnier

JB Trepagnier was born and raised in Louisiana. She majored and minored in art nerd at Louisiana State University. She runs a house full of special needs rescue animals and fosters and works with cats with biting issues after telling her husband he could go adopt a cat and leaving with two biters. The resident felines are also budding writers with the desire to have their work known, as JB frequently finds gibberish they have inserted into manuscripts because they lack thumbs to type real words. When JB is not writing, she is tinkering on the piano or cello, even though the cello frequently frustrates her because it is a beast. JB has an unhealthy relationship with caffeine, nicotine, and musical theatre

Special Agent-Mauve-Origins A Online Story By JB Trepagnier

Copyright 2016 JB Trepagnier I’m lying on the bed trying not to move. It’s not part of my job to be sick. My handler has been bringing me soup and medication. I have a handler, he has a handler, then there is she. You are really in deep shit when she gets involved. She is 6’4” in heels and she always wears them. She knows at least ten different ways to kill you. She knows another five to just knock you out for a little while. She does not take shit from anyone and she really doesn’t tolerate it when you mess up. She runs an agency for secret agents. No one knows her real name. Everyone just c...Click Here To Read More