Glenn G G Maitland

Glenn Maitland lives with his family on the shores of Lake Ontario. Glenn has travelled extensively throughout the American Eastern Seaboard, Ontario and Quebec. He also spends time on Vancouver Island vacationing with family. He's travelled extensively through England and Scotland and spent a year of his childhood living with his grandparents in Edinburgh. A keen interest in both Canadian, European and American history has always been at the heart of his writings, as evidenced in his poem: "Canadian Gothic". A deep understanding of the social, political and historical ties between Canada, the United States and "the old world" runs through much of his writing and contributes greatly to the unique world view and characters which populate his poetry and works of fiction. A long-time poet, he has been an active member in several Canadian Writer's Groups in Emerosa County and Peterborough. Holding degrees in Anthropology and English literature, he considers himself more a story teller than a writer. Over the years he has seen his poetry published in several small poetic journals, he's been commissioned to author technical manuals for various capital projects with the Ontario Provincial Government and he's contributed opinion editorial pieces to several magazines and newspapers. "Unknown Gravities" is the first publicly available novel by Glenn Maitland. There are at least two other projects related to the novel - however, it has not been determined as yet if these will be made available to general readers. A short story, set six months after the conclusion of "Unknown Gravities" exists and it is thought to serve as a bridge between the novel and a follow-up work of fiction, as yet untitled. Presently, work continues on an emerging commercial project thought to lie outside of the world created in "Unknown Gravities". This developing piece of fiction is reported to be a murder-mystery. No firm completeion date has been discussed.