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THE BYCICLE A Online Story By Gianna Scannell

Fresh snow piled on the sides of the narrow road leading uphill, but the sidewalks were free. The tires of my bicycle gripped the asphalt, skirting the ice spots where the snow had melted, then froze. My heart thudded with anticipation. This was nothing I had ever, ever experienced in my young life. My muscular legs pumped uphill. My heart sang. I thought that my dreams had finally come true. As they should have. As I knew they would. I reached the top of the hill, and took my bike to the top of the two-leveled parking. I leaned my bike along the rail, in front of a well-known car. ... Click Here To Read More

PRINCESSES DON'T SWIM A Online Story By Gianna Scannell

That boy’s such a pain. Why does everything have to be on his own time…I’ve been here long enough; I’m getting bored with this scene. I sat on a tiny row boat and bobbed up and down in the calm, deep waters. I wish Daniel were here, I kept thinking. We would take off in a heartbeat and leave Phelusus in the dust. That’d teach him to make me wait. After all, I’m still a princess, and we don't tolerate being kept waiting in the middle of the sea. A hundred yards away, small waves crashed on the black basaltic rocks with rhythmic, soothing recurrence and when they retreated, showers of pebbles ... Click Here To Read More

POWER A Online Story By Gianna Scannell

From the seventh floor of the Administration Building the view was breathtaking. It was early spring, and trees over the hills and across the city sent out pale green buds. From up here, it looked like someone had sprayed green fuzz between the tall buildings and on the hills. The harbor, with its long peers and metal-roofed magazines, lay further out, toward the ocean. Simon could make out the coastline and the blue waters beyond. Though he wasn’t born in Capetown, Dr. Simon Van Den Niemands had spent nearly all his life in this maritime city where neo-classical mansions, beach homes, hi... Click Here To Read More

MYRINE A Online Story By Gianna Scannell

Spring was early in the year 3195 BCE. High in the Atlas Mountains, winter had again been unseasonably dry. It was March, a time when, in the past, patches of snow still clung in crevasses and in the shade of tall cedars, wide-leaved oaks and wind-swept Mediterranean black pines. Now, mountain lilies bloomed everywhere. They shook their little heads in the wind and turned the meadows purple. The air was warm and Myrine was comfortable in her chamois pants and short-sleeved vest. She slouched in her cushioned high chair and reached down to stroke Astra’s short spotted black and tan mane, as sh... Click Here To Read More

ACROSS THE OCEAN A Online Story By Gianna Scannell

Some of us are born, marry and will die in the same town. For others, being born somewhere only means that we're given a challenge. The challenge to seek, to explore, to wonder. What lays beyond that fence? On the other side of the forest? At the end of the river? On the other side of the ocean? I heeded to that challenge and followed my call. Knowing about life in Europe wasn't enough. I had to learn more, and learn I did. As one of the Eagles mentioned when they relocated to London, for a while it felt as if I had sat on top of a rocket and had landed on the Moon. My mother thought her ... Click Here To Read More