Fox Emerson

Fox Emerson lives in both Florence, Italy and London, England - yes, both cities. He works as a full-time writer for a number of websites and is currently also writing his third and fourth books, Toby and Mr 303 Part 2. There's also a Ghost/Horror story in the works due for late 2016. As a former IT professional and Project Manager, he has finally left the corporate world behind to explore these exciting waters of full-time writing. Join in the fun on his blogs!

A Boy Called Q A Online Story By Fox Emerson

Jackie The tears had run dry. The months of torture, grief – pain that was so deep – she ceased to function as a woman and a mother. She ached every day over the loss of her son, Eric. She did stop crying – eventually – but then only to spend countless hours staring into space; often pulling out her most treasured photo of him and remembering what a wonderful boy he was. 19, so young, it had become her mantra. When her best friend told her she needed something to do, other than what she couldn't change, she was adamant that she couldn't; that she herself might need a way out. Then Debbie ins... Click Here To Read More