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Dr Wanjiru Gachie

Dr. Gachie is an educator and religious teacher with a background in delivering interactive seminars that promote her audiences’ lifestyles. She was inspired by her own personal struggles, born and educated in the slums and she went on to receive degrees in Ph.D., MBA, MPRM, MA, B.Ed. Having seen her fair share of struggles in life and hitting rock bottom in life, the author realized she needs to make “All this and heaven too” available to everyone.

What is Faithfulness A Online Story By Dr Wanjiru Gachie

The Principle of Faithfulness Faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit (cf. Galatians 5:22). The principle of faithfulness is beautifully demonstrated in Hebrews 11 that contains a cloud of witnesses to faith. God honored their faithfulness, thus transforming what appeared to be humanly impossible into a great victory. Some of the clouds of witnesses to faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 triumphed as their circumstances changed. However, some of them were scorned and were not esteemed. They endured suffering mockery, flogging, chains, imprisonment and even death. Even though they did not receive their... Click Here To Read More