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Clyde Hoch

Clyde Hoch was born into a very poor family. He had a very abusive brother in law. He was cursed at by his father. His mother gave up cleaning. He struggled all his life to fit into society. He served in the Marines and rose up in rank very quickly. His career was cut short by a very large mine explosion from which he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Coming home from the Vietnam War was the very worst time of his life. He was not diagnosed with PTSD or TBI and never associated the explosion with his issues. He tried to hid his disabilities until late in life he was finally diagnosed with it. After his diagnosis, he started to write and talk to groups about it to help others through their issues. Clyde started an organization called the Veterans Brotherhood because he never wanted anyone else to live the life he did. He also wanted to help prevent veteran suicides. Clyde's writings started by accident. He was a horrible student in school and the last thing in the world he expected to do was write a book. He was visited by an elderly neighbor. When the neighbor left he thought what great stories the neighbor just told him. He felt when the neighbor is gone so will these great stories. He then thought everyone has a story. He decided to put his military experience on the computer. He sent his chapters to his daughter who said, "You have to make this into a book." For his first book, he was chosen as one of the fifty great writers you should be reading by the Author Show. His fourth book won a bronze medal at Readers Favorite International awards ceremony in Miami. Clyde now does talks at churches, schools, and organizations. He writes and does talks to inspire, motivate, and educate. Most of his profits are donated to veterans organizations. Clyde writes a monthly veterans column for a local newspaper. He feels his writings are more of a public service than anything else.