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Bryan R Barton

I was born in Preston, Lancashire in the UK and spent most of my childhood in foster homes, due to an abusive, physical home life. As a child and teenager, I found solace in reading books, especially historical dramas like Sharpe, being a huge fan of Indiana Jones, I then began to write my own Indiana Jones-style stories, which I would spend hours illustrating. Years later, while working in stressful conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, I rediscovered my childhood love of sci-fi, action and adventure books and The Darkleich Series was born. Inspired by my own struggles, I wanted the story of Darkleich to show younger readers and adults that they can overcome great hardships and make an important contribution to the world around them. I now live in the USA, in Alexandria, Virginia, with my husband, partner, our dog Otis, and our three cats Mr Humphreys, Elim, and Miss Slocombe. I love listening to classical music in my spare time and I am a huge fan of the classic rock, such as Neil Diomond and John Denver. I believe I posess a great sense of humor and love regaling friends and family of funny stories from staying with my grandparents to family vacations to the Lake District.