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Bob Litt

Bob is originally from Brooklyn, New York where he had the honor of attending Brooklyn Technical High School. Tech specializes in science and engineering and is the largest high school (by number of students) in the US. At Tech he studied Chemical Engineering but after taking the class in Organic Chemistry, that put an end to that. After high school, he temporarily did a 180 and attended the School of Performing Arts at Brooklyn College. Then he worked in the professional Theater as a stagehand and designer. Eventually, he returned to college to study computers. For the past 30 years, he’s been a technical writer, corporate trainer, and business analyst, specializing in using computer systems. He loves to teach people how to do stuff. Since moving to Las Vegas, over a decade ago, he has worked for some of the biggest companies in the gaming industry, including the legendary Stardust. Bob is semi-retired now but is available for consulting work. In his spare time, he writes Self-Help Books, Novels, Screenplays, and Song lyrics. He also has a lot of opinions. Check out his Blogs at Bob is the self-published author of “Depression Sucks!” “A Blood Moon Over Las Vegas” (a modern vampire novel), “Teach Your Children Well” (essential experiences for your children), “The Progressive Method for Penny Slot Success” (playing slot machines), and the play “Gynt.”