Benjamin Laskin

Benjamin writes fun, genre-bending novels that inspire, uplift, and entertain. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, he spent a large chunk of his adult life in Japan. He now lives in the legend-rich town of Tzfat (Safed) in Israel’s upper Galilee. He’s become convinced that the doppelgänger of everyone he has ever known passes through the humble, kooky little town. Benjamin relishes the simple life, enjoys a good and honest smile, and has to pet every dog he sees. He doesn’t own a TV, likes classical music, jazz, country, and rock until it wasn’t. He thinks that as long as he is doing his best to write good, original stories, the Universe will grant him another day. Dumb, but it has worked so far. He avoids crowds, noise, and small talk, but despite these quirks, he does enjoy engaging with fans and readers, and he always responds to email. If you like original, life-affirming stories with characters who stay with you long after you’ve put down the book, please give one of his novels a try. You can reach Benjamin through his website, Facebook author page, or email below. Website: Facebook Author page: Email: