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Ann Rhodes

Ann Rhodes began writing at the age of eight years old. It was the encouragement of her mother and sixth grade language arts teacher that helped her discover her gift in writing. From that point, she wrote for the school newspaper, local newspaper, and even Channel 2 Action News in a Please Stop the Violence Kit. Her dream has always been to write a book. She was inspired by the late Dr. Maya Angelou's poetry. In 2016, her first book was published, "From the Beginning until Now". This poetry book includes the writer's experience from childhood to adulthood. Many emotions run through the book such as frustration, anger, success, and grief. In the earlier part of 2019, her second poetry book "A Sight to Behold" was published. Although this book is a continuation of her first book, this book includes feelings on everlasting life, relationships, and how people made a true impact on the author. God has a strong presence in both books. Ann likes to inspire people with writing and always want people to know to have faith and never give up.