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Amanda Steel

Amanda is from Yorkshire in the UK, but now lives in Manchester. After studying some Open University creative writing courses, she was inspired to pursue her lifelong love of writing. She has published various work on Amazon. Her recent work includes the trilogy “Hope and Magic” her short novel “After The Zombies”, which is set in Manchester, and a full length novel “Not Human” following on from this. Amanda has had a short story published in “Graveyard Anthology” by Sez Publishing. She has also had a short story accepted by Hic Dragones.

The forbidden girl A Online Story By Amanda Steel

It was cold outside, but somehow I was too hot to sleep. I threw the covers off me and tried to ignore the overwhelming sense that something was about to happen "It doesn't mean anything, you must be ill, Sarah," I told myself I got up to open the window and that's when I saw it, a meteor shower or a host of falling stars? It didn't quite look like either but I couldn't explain it. I just know that it meant something. It couldn't be good. Good things don't fall out of the sky like that. I couldn't know how my life was about to change, but I did feel an overbearing sense of danger. I know... Click Here To Read More